Summer Soles Color Selection

For MEN, the classics: Black, Chocolate Brown

Softness of Suede:
Women can choose from these Suede colors:
Women can choose from all these great colors:
SSVintage Vintage – *New Limited Edition Print (tan suede with print)
color_red03 Red
SSLinks Links – *New Limited Edition Print (white suede + print)
color_brown03 Chocolate  Brown
SSDragonfly Dragonfly – *New Limited Edition Print (pink suede + print)
color_camel03 Camel
SSFlower Flower – *New Limited Edition Print (gold suede + print)
SSRosePink Rose Pink
color_camel04 Beige
SSSkyBlue Sky Blue
color_silver03 Light Grey
YellowGold Yellow Gold
color_black04 Black
Lime Lime
Fragrant Footings:
Women can choose from Absorbent Trim-to-Fit in Black & Camel:
color_black04 Black
color_camel03 Camel
color_black04 Black
Or Cushioned Styles that are available in Black Only:
color_black04 Black
Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent insoles for sandals are wool insoles that help remedy feet sweat when wearing open shoes and sandals. These open shoe insoles are ideal for stopping feet sweat from ruining shoes and making sandals uncomfortable