How long they last
Softness of Suede:
Our Suede style lasts many months. They’re super durable and perfect for high heel shoes. Just like suede-bottomed shoes, the plushness wears down over time -but with a simple peel and stick, you’ve got brand new soles!

Most customers who use our Ultra-Absorbent style, like to replace their soles more frequently, to keep the sole fresh. An Ultra-Absorbent 5-pack can last several months if you rotate through wearing several pairs of shoes each week.

But we’re all different, so keep this in mind:
1. If your feet perspire more than most, you’ll want to change them more frequently.
2. If you have very high heel shoes, you’ll want to switch to our Suede line – it takes the wear and tear better.

What’s best? Absorbent or Suede?