Sweaty  feet
We’ve all got them! There are over 250,000 sweat glands in our  feet- producing up to a half cup of sweat a day. Shoes just aren’t made to  absorb foot perspiration, and the effects in our shoes vary widely:

Powders and  gels
Summer Soles are simple. A solution to the daily  application of over-the-counter powders and gels. Daily  routines are a hassle, and most of us barely get out in the morning with our  shirts tucked in. Summer Soles are fast and easy. Just peel, stick and forget  about it.

If you’re using prescribed medications, you should give Summer  Soles a try. The combination may be just the right  combination.

Summer Soles Guarantee
While we can’t stop you  from sweating, we are so sure you’ll like how you feel in Summer  Soles, we provide a full Money Back  Guarantee

Podiatrist  Recommended
“I recommend Summer Soles to all my patients who want instant  relief for their perspiring feet. They are an easy, inexpensive alternative to  topical applications and provide benefits that medications simply cannot, such  as reducing friction with shoes.”


Dr. Adriana Karpati is a Summer Soles Advisor and is available to answer your questions as well! She recommends  Summer Soles to her patients seeking solutions to sweaty feet. Her practice is  located in Grapevine, Texas. For more information, visit: www.faant.com

Millions of people suffer from sweaty feet or excessive foot perspiration.

While sweating is a  natural function of the body, it can cause severe distress for those of us with  excessively sweating feet. Problems can range from simple uncomfortable  squish to downright dangerous slipping or falling in shoes from sweaty feet. If  you think you have a foot perspirationproblem, visit your local  podiatrist or dermatologist. Although there is no cure for sweaty feet, a  doctor can explain all the treatment options available to you, including Summer  Soles – certainly one of the quickest fixes available for sweaty feet  issues.

How many  people have both sweaty hands and feet?

It is estimated that  nearly 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from Hyperhidrosis (2.8% of the  population). Prevalence projections from a 2004 study indicate that Plantar  Hyperhidrosis, or excessive foot sweating, is less common than other forms. The  study reports that 50.8% of U.S. Hyperhidrosis sufferers have Axillary  Hyperhidrosis, underarm sweating, in combination with other forms of  Hyperhidrosis. 25% have Palmar Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of the hands,  alone or in combination with other forms of Hyperhidrosis. It is assumed that  Plantar Hyperhidrosis sufferers, those with excessive sweating of the feet, as  well as those with both sweaty hands and feet, make up a fraction of the  total Hyperhidrosis sufferers.

Why Summer Soles are the  best fix for sweaty feet issues with summer footwear

Until now, summer footwear just  hasn’t accommodated sweating feet. Summer Soles open shoe insoles fit  edge-to-edge, remove with no residue, and can be changed as often or as  frequently as you’d like – so no matter how much foot perspiration you  experience – it’s like having a new pair of shoes everytime you slip them  on. Summer Soles make every sandal or open shoe feel fresh and fabulous –  true comfort for sweaty feet.